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Fogging Treatment

Reduces The Risk of Viruses & Bacteria

What is Fogging Treatment?

Fogging Treatment is a cleaning procedure to disinfect coronavirus COVID-19 and other common germs, including cold and flu viruses. Our expert selection of broad-spectrum disinfectants sanitizes inanimate environmental surfaces such as floors, walls, structures, ventilation, and other equipment. In addition, we sanitize residential and commercial properties by delivering a disinfection solution via misting service, enabling us to sterilize large areas in short periods, achieving maximum effectiveness and minimal downtime for your home.

TidyMaid Cleaning Service Fogging Treatment:

Our fogging treatments are great for tackling household and commercial common pathogens, germs, and bacteria. TidyMaid's Fogging Treatment is beneficial for high-traffic locations and areas. TidyMaid uses disinfectant solutions that are EPA registered. The solutions we use are:

  • For Household or Commercial Use - Kills germs and helps eliminate odors in various settings.

  • For Versatile Sanitizing - For use on metal, stainless steel, granite, glass, and much more.

  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning - Can also be used to control mold and mildew.

  • EPA Registered - Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency to kill germs. 

  • Safe for kids and pets 


We Provide Electrostatic Fogging Disinfectant Treatment for: 

  • Medical Facilities

  • Offices

  • Residential

  • Commercial

Treatment Preparation Steps

  • Remove, cover or store any materials that are sensitive to moisture, for example, paperwork and artwork.

  • Put away all food items and medication in cabinets or a refrigerator.

  • Put away food containers and utensils in cupboards or drawers.

  • Tidy any clutter in the home to make a clear path for our techs. 

​TidyMaid's equipment is top-rated. So schedule your fogging treatment today with TidyMaid Cleaning Service. 



Does Disinfection Work?

The disinfection application substances become fine micron particles that appear to hang in the air as they slowly settle onto all surfaces. Surfaces will be moist for a short period due to the dispersed particles. When the disinfectant takes action, the area must be left to dry.

  • Only our technicians should be present in the home during the fogging treatment. You can return home after fogging treatment is completed. We recommend giving it about one to two hours before you return so fogging particles can settle on surfaces.

  • We recommend that treatment take place weekly or bi-weekly to decrease the spread of viruses and bacteria. However, treatment can be monthly or one-time based on your preference.


Safe for you and the family!

Tidy Maid Cleaning Service uses Fogging Treatment Solutions that are safe for you and your family. Please read below to learn more about our solutions. 

3 in 1 Formula (sanitizer, disinfectant, odor eliminator). 0% Alcohol. 0% Bleach. 0% Ammonia. No overwhelming cleaning fumes. 

☑️ MADE WITH HOCL: Sanitizes like traditional chemicals. It can sanitize homes, bathrooms, restaurants, hospital kitchens, airports, commercial & industrial facilities, gyms, cars, tablets, mobile devices, glass, keyboards, pet toys & bowls, schools, and nurseries.

☑️ NO RINSE – FOOD CONTACT SAFE: Hypochlorous is made with salt, water, and electricity. No rinsing is required, even on food contact surfaces. Reduce the risk of cross-contamination and eliminate food odors.

☑️ ELIMINATE ODOR: No rinsing, quick evaporation. It Removes pet odors like urine or feces. It contains no fragrances or dyes, contains no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), and eliminates non-living


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