Home and Office Assessment

In-Home & Office Assessment

Initial assessment

for new customers

We will assess your home or office to determine the type of cleaning needed. Our initial assessment is for new customers. Our assessment walkthrough will allow us to assess how clean your home is already, how much work will be needed, and any structural or clutter issues that may make it difficult for us to clean your home or office.

We can provide you with an estimated quote for cleaning services. However, quotes given to customers vary from the fixed pricing for service. The actual price for cleaning services is determined by our assessment walk-through of your home or office. After your initial assessment, you are all set. Clients who chose routine cleanings are enrolled automatically. Customers who decide to have single cleanings are encouraged to call when needed. Tidy Maid Cleaning Service will maintain your home or office cleanliness.


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Initial Service Setup

Book Home or Office Visit

Temporary Changes

Due to Covid-19. 

You can now submit photos or have a virtual video walk-through instead of an in-person walk-through. Skip the booking process. No booking is required. Call Tidy Maid to discuss your cleaning requirements. We're here for you!

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Tidy Maid Cleaning Service provides cleaning services to New York and Georgia's residents and business owners. The services we provide are cleaning services for Airbnb, apartment, house, post-construction, event, rental, and office. We're here for you!

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