As a business owner, you want to make sure your business setting and environment represent the company on a professional level as a whole. If you are dealing with customers on a daily basis in the office you want to make sure you are leaving them with a positive impression of your business. You want to make sure your point of contact locations are clean and welcoming to your customers. A clean office environment is not only suitable for customers but for your employees as well. Stay on the path of maintaining productivity with Tidy Maid Cleaning Service's small office cleaning.

Office Cleaning Space Checklist

  • Empty trash bins and replace liners

  • Vacuum carpets, sweep and mop floors

  • Dust horizontal surfaces {Tables, Desk and Counter Tops}

  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces { Light switches, Telephones, Door Knobs, Coffee Station and Fountains}

  • Take out the garbage.

Clean Sinks and Toilets

  • Sinks and toilets must be thoroughly cleaned at least three times a week to prevent odors and stains. Your bathrooms will be used by both employees and any clients who may visit your office, making their care crucial for a positive impression. Aerosolization is a less visible reason you will want professional office cleaning surfaces to care for your facilities. When flushed, a toilet emits a plume of particles that can spread and settle throughout a bathroom. Frequent cleaning is the best way to combat this little-known phenomenon. Kitchen sinks also require weekly attention to prevent soap scum buildup and pest infestations that are related to stray food particles

Break room {Kitchen}

  • Break room refrigerators and microwaves can quickly become unpleasant if they are not placed on your office cleaning checklist. Food can easily become spattered on both the interiors and exteriors of these kitchen appliances, and their handles can spread bacteria and viruses. Your office cleaning service should only use non-toxic cleaners on these surfaces due to their close proximity to food. You will also need to discuss whether Tidy Maid has permission to clean the interior of refrigerators, as this will require us to interact with your employees’ meals to create the cleanest kitchen environment possible.

Tidy Maid Cleaning Service is here to maintain your Office Cleanliness. Give us a call at (404) 480-0764.