Payment Policy

Payments are due before or on the day of your scheduled cleaning date. You are more than welcome to pay in advance. A $75 deposit will be required to preserve your booking slot. Your deposit will go toward the final cost of your cleaning fee. You can pay online or by phone. Payments are due before cleaning begins. We accept credit, debit, cash or checks. Tips are not included in the cleaning fee. You're not obligated to tip cleaners. However, tips are welcome. You can tip cleaners in cash if feeling generous based on work performance. We appreciate your service and cooperation. 

Cancellation Policy

We provide our customers with an adequate time frame for service cancellation. If you are scheduled for cleaning and would like to cancel for any given reasons, please call us within 24 hours of your scheduled cleaning date and time. It's only fair to our cleaners to provide them with enough notice of cancellation. Please be advised you will be charged $75 for late cancellation. Please call within the time frame given to avoid the $75 late cancellation fee. You can also shoot us an email for cancellations with subject title appointment cancellation. We hope you understand and thanks in advance.

Service Agreement

We provide our customers with a service agreement form which specifies the required cleaning necessary for your home or office. The information provided on the service agreement form is based on your preference cleaning requirements discussed during your initial assessment walk-through. The service agreement form is utilized for service update changes. For example, changing cleaning frequency or cleaning areas like decreasing rooms or spaces to be cleaned. It's also used by our cleaners to familiarize them with the type of cleaning necessary for your home or office visit {s}.

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By subscribing to Tidy Maid cleaning Service Newsletter you are authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to email you monthly newsletters. We normally email newsletters once a month. Our newsletters will include cleaning tips, cleaning service discounts, and other interesting topics. We would like to thank you in advance for subscribing to our newsletter and excited to share our growth with you.


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When you sign up to our site by becoming a site member you authorize Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to email you booking confirmations. You can book and cancel appointments from your profile page. You will receive email communications for bookings or cancellations. You will only receive emails pertaining to appointments scheduled or canceled from your profile page. Utilize sign up for bookings.


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By completing our quote form online you are authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to use the information given for quote estimate purposes. You're also authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to contact you directly based on your interest in service for a price quote. Quotes given over the phone can vary from the actual fixed price. Our final price is determined by our assessment walk-through. We're happy to provide you with a cleaning quote.


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By making payments online through our payment system you're authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service payment affiliates PayPal, G-Pay, and square to process payments on your behalf. When you call via phone to pay for cleaning services you're authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to process your payments through our payment system square. Square, PayPal, and G-pay are trusted companies. 


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By booking an in-office or home assessment from Tidy Maid Cleaning Service booking page you're providing us with the information needed to set up an in-office or home assessment. Therefore, you're authorizing Tidy Maid Cleaning Service to contact you in order to confirm your booking information. Finalized bookings will result in an in-office or in-home walk-through to evaluate your cleaning needs and requirements.

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Tidy Maid Cleaning Service provides cleaning services to Georgia's residents and business personals. We provide cleaning services for Airbnb, apartment, house, post-construction, and small office cleaning. Tidy Maid Cleaning Service understands everyone is different and has their own cleaning needs. We're here to assist with your cleaning requirements.

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