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Heavy Lifting

"Furniture & Appliances"

To ensure our employee's safety, we do not lift heavy objects over 30lbs. If cleaning is required behind appliances and furniture please arrange in advance to have it done. This should be done before cleaning begins. If moving of furniture and appliances aren't done we will clean accessible spaces around furniture and appliances.


Animal Droppings

& Chemicals

We encourage our clients to clean up animal droppings before cleaning begins. We do not clean up animal waste products {faeces}. 

Chemical spills are out of our cleaning jurisdiction. Therefore, it's recommended that you hire a chemical spill vendor whose equipped for the job. Our main focus is on general house cleaning duties that doesn't include chemical spills.

Pets (1).png

Pets & Employee


To ensure maximum cleaning productivity from our cleaners we recommend keeping your pets in a safe and secure location. Pets should be kept in cages, tanks or in an area away from danger while cleaners are working. 

This safety net will protect your pets as well as our cleaners from possible incidents that can occur.


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Things We Don't Do:

Unloading the Dishwasher:

We would love to assist with the unloading of your dishes from the dishwasher. However, due to liability issues of possible incidents occurring such as broken dishes we do not unload dishwashers.  As much as we would like to assist  our cleaners will not know 100% where your dishes should be stored.  It's also frustrating not knowing where your favorite mug or plate is stored. Therefore, to avoid confusion and incidents we're happy to assist  with general cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Dishwashers and Washing Machines:

Cleaning of dishwashers and washing machines can be time consuming. Dishwashers and washing machines can carry odors over time if not cleaned regularly. Therefore, we prefer to focus on general cleaning of your house or apartment.  DIY Cleaning Tip: add 1 cup of white vinegar and run a cycle on hot. Once complete, run one more time to remove any leftover vinegar. This should remove any smell. Then any leftover particles can be wiped away.

Garages & patios:

Garage and Patio cleaning can be time consuming and rigorous.  Garages used for personal storage can become a hazardous workspace for our cleaners. Garages and Patios typically requires power washing to remove months or years of build up. We do not carry equipments necessary to  clean Garages and Patios such as a pressure washer.  Therefore, we do not offer cleaning services for patios and garages.

Detailed carpet and floor cleaning: 

Carpet Cleaning and floor cleaning outside of our regular cleaning routines adds on extra cleaning time and energy output. Our normal floor cleaning routine consist of sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. Duties out of our scope of practice  such as floor waxing, wax stripping and carpet steam cleaning are normally handled by professionals who specializes in those areas.

Things We Don't Do

Let's start with some safety measures


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